Susanna is a 20-year old musician. 
She studied Music Performance at the Victoria Conservatory of Music and is enrolled at the University of Ottawa's School of Music. She is a finalist for the 2017 Louis Sherman Concerto Competition. She received the adjudicator's choice award at the Greater Victoria Festival of the Performing Arts. Her chamber group, The Artemis Trio, won the senior chamber music award at the BC Provincial Festival of the Performing Arts. Sponsored by Canada Council for the Arts, she was part of a Canadian delegation in July 2017, showcasing Canadian musicians and composers as part of Canada's 150th birthday at The International Casalmaggiore Music Festival in Italy. 
 In 2018, she attended the prestigious Bowdoin International Music Festival in Maine, USA, in the studio of Jeffrey Irvine. She performed as a soloist as well as a violist in a piano quintet.
     ​Susanna was the concert master for the Red Deer Youth Orchestra, three years in a row.
     She plays a wide variety of music, from Vivaldi and beloved hymns with famous organist, Andre Knevel, to traditional fiddle tunes. She participated annually in Red Deer Kiwanis Festival where she received the String Solo Award in 2011, Baroque  scholarship in 2014, Strings Scholarship in 2015 & 2016, was nominated for the Alberta Music Festival in 2014 & 2016 and was the winner of the Red Deer Symphony Class Category in 2016. 
    She received the Rising Star Award at the Alberta Men & Women of Country Music event in 2012. She is the two time winner of the Westlake Idol and has been invited to the Festival of Stars, Central Alberta Music event  since 2011. She regularly played with East-West Connection at several events all over Alberta and played backup for Danny and Susan Gibson
    Susanna is often invited as a guest artist for different community events, including the The Calgary Multicultural Choir in 2013,The Red Deer Chamber Singers in May, 2014, and Yodelfest in Airdrie .  She regularly plays at benefit concerts, and fundraisers.

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Red Deer Youth Orchestra
Susanna at Casalmaggiore Music Festival in Italy 
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